Ingrid Klerck Physiotherapy
Ingrid Klerck Physiotherapy
Ingrid Klerck Physiotherapy

Ingrid Klerck Physiotherapy

Ingrid Klerck Physiotherapy practice welcomes you to Physiotherapy care of the highest standard in a comfortable and soothing environment. Ingrid Klerck Physiotherapy strives for improvement in your mobility, decreasing pain and improving your daily functioning, right from your first Physio session.

Ingrid Klerck Physiotherapy practice is situated in the Wilgeheuwel Hospital, which has full clinic services, including radiology and specialist consultation. We work from our consulting rooms in the rehabilitation block at the hospital, as well as treating patients in the hospital. We treat patients in intensive care, as well as the wards where post-surgical, medical, Orthopaedic and Paediatric patients are treated.

Ingrid Klerck Physiotherapy
What is Physio?

Physiotherapy is a science-based medical profession, aimed at improving overall wellness by addressing your physical impairments / injuries.

A qualified Physiotherapist is a trained medical practitioner who may be consulted without referral from your doctor.
Your dedicated Physiotherapist treats a variety of conditions, amongst others
• Back pain [read more]
• Neck pain
• Headaches
• Sports injuries
• Post-operative orthopaedics
• Muscle imbalances
• Arthritic pains
• Running challenges [read more]
• Patient specific programmes
• Shoulder injuries
• Knee injuries
• Hip and groin injuries
• Ankle and foot problems
• Wrist and hand injuries
• Chest conditions
• Sinus
• Chronic pain
• Posture

Ingrid Klerck Physiotherapy

We provide outstanding Physiotherapy on a one-on-one basis and achieve long-term results with continuing post-discharge support.

We pride ourselves on our individualised assessment, personalised treatment and goal-specific rehabilitation, as we will support and motivate you until discharge. Our passion results in Physio care that drives you to succeed.

Aquatic Therapy

Our Physio practice has access to a heated aquatic pool. The buoyancy and resistance of the water aids Physio treatment. This can be used to increase strength and mobility, endurance and fitness and is also great for for pain relief.

There are weekly, well-supervised classes on offer.

Ingrid Klerck Physiotherapy
Physiotherapy results

We use the latest Physiotherapy techniques and equipment and pass the most recent information on to our Physio patients via regular newsletters. This includes information on exercise, nutrition and related topics.

Our hands-on Physio treatment ensures
• optimal wellness,
• maximum movement / mobility,
• post-operative recovery,
• reduced chronic disease risk and
• improved sporting performance.

A thorough examination and re-evaluation identifies the cause of the pain, rather than just the site of the pain, resulting in both short and long-term relief.

Ingrid Klerck Physiotherapy